Is it real or was it faked?

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Is it real or was it faked? Empty Is it real or was it faked?

Post by Melissa, manager on Mon Mar 03, 2014 4:32 pm

Have you ever read a memoir that you thought was the best memoir you've ever read? What would you do if you discovered that it was fake; everything in the book was a lie?

But faulty memories, omission, and slight exaggeration are far different than completely warping the truth or creating an entirely imaginary life. Whatever their motivation, many people have published false memoirs and many more people have unknowingly and ardently supported them. When the memoir is revealed as false, a surprisingly common reaction is to appeal to the emotional truth of the story. It’s about how we feel in our guts, not what reality dictates. I submit that such ideas are dangerous and should be strongly opposed.

Check out this list to see if a memoir you've read is on it.


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