The naked mole rat

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The naked mole rat  Empty The naked mole rat

Post by Melissa, manager on Tue Oct 22, 2013 12:37 am

This rat has got to be one of the most bizarre animals. It's a naked mole rat and is native to Africa. If you happen to see one, perhaps an escapee from a lab, not to worry. They're harmless.

The naked mole rat  Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQoa3zWP_ERa2I4AJ14shxOCWPQfKJ5alhOyQWdJxqDpeN_Q3QS

The naked mole rat  Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcThmYJS1ou0-zweHNAiUH9HiPb_kGGYWgIZgq9xpgRIIpLnHVKmZA

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