Judge Judy Was Not Happy When Dr. Oz Exposed her Skincare Secret...

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Judge Judy Was Not Happy When Dr. Oz Exposed her Skincare Secret...

Post by Melissa, manager on Sat Nov 28, 2015 6:00 pm

Sponsors pay millions to advertise their products on shows like The Judge Judy Show, starring Judge Judy, and we've been hearing these sponsors were not happy with Dr Oz. Why? Because he let everyone in on the secret he's been sharing with Judge Judy for quite some time. After checking with our sources, it seems the main reason they were upset was because the products Dr. Oz mentions are half the price and twice as effective as theirs!

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Have you ever watched Judge Judy? I have a few times, but I rarely paid attention to the commercials. Do you believe it's fair to cancel a show because of beauty product commercials being found out? After all, isn't advertising all about getting consumers to believe that a certain product is the best product to use, even if the person advertising his products is Dr. Oz?


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