A terrorist tries to bomb a Walmart store.

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A terrorist tries to bomb a Walmart store.

Post by Melissa, manager on Wed Nov 25, 2015 9:53 pm

From Link:

TUPELO, Miss. -- A man known for flying a 4-foot-long Mississippi state flag on his car has been accused of bombing a Walmart because the chain stopped selling the flag, the police chief said Monday.

The explosive made a loud bang but did no damage when it was thrown early Sunday into the 24-hour Walmart in Tupelo, Police Chief Bart Aguirre said Monday. He said bomb technicians reported that the package held enough explosive to damage the store if it had been assembled differently.


With all the talk and fear of "radical Islam," is it fair to pen all acts of terrorism on Islam, even though there are also Christian terrorists like Marshall Leonard? Doesn't this prove that terrorism isn't faithful to any particular religion?


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