What should we believe?

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What should we believe? Empty What should we believe?

Post by Melissa, manager on Tue Nov 26, 2013 3:17 pm

"Glasses manufactured atIle-Ife in the sixth century A.D. There were glass windows in Kubi-Saleh Castle and in the Songhai city of Gao." Blacks and Science Voume Two by Robin Walker.
There are many things like this
There are many claims like the one above. Today it's widely known that there was in fact high technology all over the world and for thousands of years. But how do we know what came from where and when?
Some of the technology attributed to Africa was introduced to Europeans by Native Americans. Glass was actually invented by the Phoenicians. This doesn't mean that Africans could not have independently invented glass. How can we be sure when we are dealing with ancient technology invented around the world or those that are simply just the result of introductions from outside sources? For example, the "Columbian Exchange" introduced Native American plants, animals, and technologies to Africa and Europe. HHave to be sure ow can we ensure How can we be sure


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