The history Thanksgiving Day

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The history Thanksgiving Day

Post by Melissa, manager on Tue Nov 26, 2013 1:12 pm

There is one mainstream view in America as to the history of Thanksgiving Day. We are typically told that the Pilgrims, thankful for having survived the first winter, created this holiday with the help of Native Americans. The help that Native Americans offered of course, was not the creation of Thanksgiving Day, but rather in helping the Pilgrims to survive.

We're never told about Samuel de Champlaine or the Micmacs. Tobages was an annual celebration by the Micmacs beginning in the month of October. It lasted for one month and involved  turkey and cranberries. Champlaine, of course, was introduced to this custom of giving thanks and fellowship. It seems more likely that this was the true origin of Thanksgiving Day. Do you believe this to be true or do you believe that the Pilgrims  were the true founders of Thanksgiving Day? As a matter of record the Pilgrims were not known for having fun. In fact, it was even seen as a sin to enjoy oneself too much. This of course is contrary to French culture.


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