Discrimination Against Muslim Palestinians?

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Discrimination Against Muslim Palestinians? Empty Discrimination Against Muslim Palestinians?

Post by Melissa, manager on Tue Nov 26, 2013 12:45 pm

We often hear about discrimination against minority ethnic groups in the United States, but how many of us think about, or are even aware of the fact that some countries minority groups suffer from the same types of discrimination that was prevalent throughout the South under Jim Crow? According to Human Rights Watch, discrimination against Palestinian youth in Israel's schools is so intense that the majority of Palestinian youth never finish high school. Many dropout at age of 14. We are equally unaware of the fact that Palestinian families are sometimes pushed out of their own homes, and their homes are given to Jewish families.
Rapes against women and murders of Palestinian children is fairly common in Israel. The types of discrimination that Palestinians are subject to it's akin to if worse than the types of discrimination that black Americans experienced in the Deep South under Jim Crow.

Any thoughts or opinions on why this is so? Why are Palestinian Arabs discriminated against so in tensely by those who claim to follow and love God? Is it because the majority of them are Muslim (some are Christian or Jewish)?
Or is it simply because of their ethnicity?


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